Welcome Ahtna Shareholders!

The Ahtna vision is to see that "Our Culture Unites, Our Land Sustains Us, and Our People are Prosperous".

The Ahtna Shareholder Portal is a place you can come to:

  • View Shareholder News
  • Update your Personal Details
  • View and Update your Talent Bank Profile
  • Upload your Documents (e.g. Resumes, Certifications, Licenses)

We have created this online Shareholder Portal so you can have access anytime and anywhere. This Shareholder Portal will continue to expand to allow for greater access to all the things that are important to you as an Ahtna shareholder. For now, please consider this your first stop when thinking about your personal, professional, career and educational development. Most importantly, we encourage you to participate in our Talent Bank.

Ahtna’s Talent Bank

Ahtna's is committed "to enhancing the overall well-being of our shareholders through sustained growth" as part of the mission of Ahtna, Inc.

Participating in our Talent Bank, keeping your profile information current and up-to-date, will ultimately help us help you.

Your Talent Bank profile can include any information about your education, work history, skill sets and abilities.

We use this information in a number of ways:

  • To link qualified shareholders with opportunities within Ahtna's family of companies;
  • To match shareholders with any opportunities with partner companies and other native organizations;
  • To send out our targeted communication regarding training, apprenticeship, and internship opportunities based on their career goals;
  • To encourage shareholders to plan for the future by learning about the kinds of jobs that are in demand.

A shareholder's employment and education history should be reviewed and/or updated at least on an annual basis, or as often as changes occur. Doing so allows us to have the most recent information available when evaluating individuals for opportunities.